The Society of Natural Sciences of Charente-Maritime, created in 1836, is a non-profit association under the law of 1901, recognized as Public Utility in 1852. It is approved under the Environment to the Departmental   framework. Since its birth, it has been hosted by the City of La Rochelle within the Museum of Natural History to which it connects a long-shared history.

The Society aims at promoting research in natural sciences, particularly in Charente-Maritime, broadcasting scientific knowledge in general and protecting the natural heritage.

Membership is open all through a yearly fee. It allows access to all the activities of the Society, it includes the subscription to the “Annales”, free entry to the museum and a 5% discount on all purchases at the Museum shop.

The Society operates by means of lectures, outings, printed and digital publications, one-off events (expositions, seminars and so on …) and meeting attendance to all advisory bodies for which it is approved.

The Society publishes an official website:

It issues a periodical “Les Annales de la Société des Sciences Naturelles”, I.S.S.N. 0373 9929, dedicated to natural sciences, prehistory and the history of Sciences.

Issues 1854 to 2010 can be viewed on Gallica-Bnf :

Access to more recent issues and to the archives of the Society is possible on demand or by becoming a member.

The Society is funded by:

– Members’ fees

– Private donations and project funding

– Grants from the city of La Rochelle and the DREAL Nouvelle Aquitaine (Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing)

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